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A Complete Guide to Google Search Console

Outlines of the Guide Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this guide is designed to help you getting most out of the Google Search Console that can be reflected in your success in SEO and online marketing activities. This guide is a major part of something known as technical SEO as well as SEO…
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Top 10 Advantages of eCommerce to Businesses

E-commerce sector is growing at a rapid pace around the globe. The never before power brought to people by easily accessible high speed internet and mobile devices with plethora of shopping apps has already changed the scenario in an unprecedented way. People are finding online shopping as more convenient and highly enjoyable in comparison to…
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How to Fix Mobile Usability Issues: Google Search Console Error

Mobile usability of a website is a most important issue that can adversely affect search engine ranking and search visibility of the site. Google clearly declares that mobile friendliness of a site is an important ranking factor and a part of its core search algorithm. Since for most websites their majority of users come from…
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SEO Glossary 2019: Essential Terminology

In order to play freely around with SEO, you definitely need to know the meaning and definition of most essential SEO terms, phrases and jargon in the industry. This glossary with more than 250 terminologies is designed to serve its basic purpose of helping you in knowing what should you know at first, while learning…
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Six Reasons Why Failure Leads to Success in Entrepreneurship

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but rising every time we fail. Confucius Sweetest victory has been always difficult. In your long run, you have many hurdles. Things might not work properly. Things might not go as planned. You might fail. But that’s, in fact, not the end. That can be the starting…
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Why Do Most Startups Fail? But Why will You Succeed?

Knowing the reasons behind failure is the best approach to success. 78% of startups fail, but you won’t! Many startups fail that goes up to 90% in some countries (in India and USA), but the average worldwide startup failure rate is about 78%. You know, it’s quite a desperate figure. But you don’t need to…
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Local Business Marketing Idea: Promote Your Business for Free

You can be ranked number 1 on Google for free! I’m not kidding. Free advertising on Google is highly effective. It’s 100% true for local businesses and businesses operating locally, though it doesn’t matter from how many locations! I hope, you got the idea. If you’re a local business and sell in and around your…
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How to Fix ‘Submitted URL Marked Noindex’ Issue

If you are a webmaster and practicing SEO, you know it well that letting Google to index all of the URLs of your website will definitely lead you toward big problems including penalty by Google. And hence, SEO practitioners take adequate care to mark some URL with ‘noindex’ tag so that Google will not crawl…
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How to Write a Business Plan: Step by Step Guide

I’m thankful to my readers who anyway forced me to write this one. I’ve been getting lots of messages and mails to respond on: What is a business plan in real sense Why to write a business plan What if I don’t have a plan for my business How to write a business plan How…
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How to Start and Succeed in Business: Step by Step Guide

Please note that this post is not simply about starting a business, but exactly about building a business with great success. Therefore, I’m digging deep. In fact, it is blended with insights that I gained through working with many startups, from their mistakes as well wise decisions, and from my own challenges during the initial…
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