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Category: Search Engine Optimization

Simple Steps to Create XML Sitemaps and Submit to Google for Quick Indexing

While you’re learning SEO or practicing the same as a beginner, you might get wired with some terms and jargon. One of such jargon is ‘XML sitemap’. It’s not uncommon that you’ll encounter with this term many times, even in your early day career in SEO. To some extend, it’s assumed that XML sitemap is…
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How to Get Your Pages Indexed Quickly by Google?

This post is about quick SEO results and not about routine processes. I have already answered on how to get indexed and ranked well by Google and other search engines. However, many of my readers want to know how they can get indexed their pages instantly. This is reflected in comments to my posts as…
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How do You Get Your Website Found on Google – Ten Easy Steps

There is a plethora of concerns from webmasters and owners of websites that their sites are not visible on Google. Although they’ve beautiful websites with many creative inputs and attractive features, no one visits their sites directly through Google Search. Not being indexed and ranked by Google is indeed a big issue. Since majority of…
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A Complete Guide to Google Search Console

Outlines of the Guide Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this guide is designed to help you getting most out of the Google Search Console that can be reflected in your success in SEO and online marketing activities. This guide is a major part of something known as technical SEO as well as SEO…
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How to Fix Mobile Usability Issues: Google Search Console Error

Mobile usability of a website is a most important issue that can adversely affect search engine ranking and search visibility of the site. Google clearly declares that mobile friendliness of a site is an important ranking factor and a part of its core search algorithm. Since for most websites their majority of users come from…
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SEO Glossary 2019: Essential Terminology

In order to play freely around with SEO, you definitely need to know the meaning and definition of most essential SEO terms, phrases and jargon in the industry. This glossary with more than 250 terminologies is designed to serve its basic purpose of helping you in knowing what should you know at first, while learning…
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How to Get Your Local Business on the Top of Google Search for Free: Easy Marketing Ideas – 2019

If you’ve a local business or a business operating from many physical locations, I’ve good news for you. Your business can be easily ranked number 1 on Google for free! I’m not kidding. Free promotion of local businesses on Google is highly effective. You can advertise, market and promote your business with no money but…
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How to Fix ‘Submitted URL Marked Noindex’ Issue

If you are a webmaster and practicing SEO, you know it well that letting Google to index all of the URLs of your website will definitely lead you toward big problems including penalty by Google. And hence, SEO practitioners take adequate care to mark some URL with ‘noindex’ tag so that Google will not crawl…
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What is SEO and Why is It Important in 2019 (Updated)

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the techniques and strategies applied altogether in order to improve the visibility (as well as ranking) of webpages on search engines like Google or Bing. SEO helps website owners to get site visitors/traffic directly from the search engine result page (SERP). This is all about how…
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