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Do You Know?

Jamshedpur’s market has its own identity. Besides the large industries, the steel city, houses quite good numbers of retail and wholesale businesses in diverse sectors. Not only the people of the city, but also people from far and near localities also depend upon the market in Jamshedpur. While retail shoppers from Chandil, Sinni, Saraikela, Hata, Rajnagar, Sindri, Chaibasa visit Jamshedpur for purchasing of cloths, electrical, electronics, furniture, paint, home decors, farming equipment, vehicles, seasoned items etc., small merchants from further far places such as Chaibasa, Ghatsila, Bhadrak, Barbil, Baripada, Kendujhar commute to the city to purchase on wholesale basis

However, a recent report by MarketVivo indicates a slowdown of business in Jamshedpur by 4.7%, which might go up to 5.4% in next one year. This is not a small figure. While medium and big businesses in the city are doing well, more than 800 small and micro businesses couldn’t sustain. This is not a good indication. But, what’s the result behind such down fall? Is any financial reason is behind it? Or is any policy by the government adversely affecting the market? Definitely, none of the two has any role. While, market in Kolkata, Khargpur, Patna and Bhubaneswar flourished with approximate 18% rise, why the market in Jamshedpur witnessed a downfall? Not only in Jamshedpur, few nearby markets, such as in Balasore, Rourkela, Ranchi and Dhanbad, are also facing the same problem.

The main reason is that people are going online and businesses in the local markets are lagging far behind. It’s surprising that less than one percent of small businesses in Jamshedpur possess websites Compare this with the percentage of people searching online, comparing prices and features and then making purchase decision. Compare this with the percentage of people who prefer to purchase from home or prefer to know latest offers and availability through a mobile phone. People have been gradually habituated to do everything with few simple clicks on a mobile screen, but we business runners yet believe that the old way is always gold. In fact, we are not adequately aware, how the digital way will bring growth and prosperity.

About 61% of more than 1500000 population of the steel city Jamshedpur have good earning sources. 69.4% of the population use mobile phones and more than 90% of them are user of smart phones. MarketVivo reported, 61.3% of the smart phone users search products and services on the internet before they make any purchase decision. 49.5% of the internet user purchase from the local market, while the rest purchase from different eCommerce platforms. In comparison to 2018, the growth rate in searching on the internet is 19.3% in 2019. This is a big figure. This is also a good indication that tendency towards the digital way is growing as it is expected as well good for micro, small and medium scale enterprises.

While searches for businesses on the internet is growing rapidly, businesses too need to go on the digital way and should have online presence.

What do I mean by Digital Way of Business?

  • Having a website for business that will really work. I emphasize that you may have a website, but your website is not able to help you in your business growth. Ordinary website developer or designer don’t posses any knowledge or skill or competency about a helpful website.
  • Optimizing the website for Google and other search engines. Please not that a stunning website is of no use till it is able to help you in visibility to people searching for your products or services.
  • Advertising on the internet through a number of low cost strategies. Online advertising is the only one cost effective mode at the present time. I’m sorry to say that many business owners in India are unaware of this fact.
  • Sifting to digital marketing or adopting a mix marketing approach. I hope that you are already aware of the limitations of traditional marketing methods and approaches. Digital marketing is not only an alternative, but also a must to do requirement.
  • Reaching more potential customers. It has never been so easy before the arrival of online marketing and lead generation platforms came into the scenario. You may ask us for more details.
  • Generating more leads and converting leads in to sale. Lead management has become more effective. You don’t need to invest heavily for successful lead. Processes have been more autonomous.
  • Earning better revenue and growing faster. This is what each business want. All of we know, no business beat the other in a traditional or conventional way.

Do It Cost More to Go Digital?

No, never. In fact, the digital way of business (including online presence, digital marketing, internet advertising, web branding, online lead generation and selling to larger customer base) is the most cost effective approach. In comparison to the traditional form of marketing and business, digital mode cost less than half for the equal amount of gain. Trough your website and digital marketing campaign, you could reach considerably high amount of qualified customers and generate sufficient qualified lead at the half of the cost of your regular marketing and advertising.

Let me make clear everything with cost, features and benefit.

Get a Website for Your Business

A business website has many advantages. Most prominent are:

  • It’s a low cost media for advertising and marketing
  • It can provide you wider market
  • It’s able to bring high credibility and wide recognition for you
  • It’s the new and automated marketing channel for your business
  • It provides 24X7 customer engagement
  • It’s bigger and better display section than your shop’s window
  • It helps you to compete with big businesses without headache
  • It facilitate you for better customer relationship
  • No documents, license or permission is required to have a website or do business through website
  • It facilitates better sales and more revenue.

If you want to read more on the advantages listed above, you may read a short post here.

Now you may ask – how much a website cost? In facts, it depends upon nature and size of your business as well as your requirement, goal and objectives. A small basic website will cost you not more than Rs. 5000 annually. A standard static business website will cost approximately Rs. 10,000 annually. A dynamic website with rich interactive features will definitely cost you more but many times less than the benefits you will gain through it.

At the cost of a cup of tea a day, you can get a simple website through a website builder. If you are willing to invest more but not more than Rs 100 per day, you’ll get a high performing, dynamic and stunning website to meet all the need of your online presence as well as you can grow your business with faster pace.

Through your website, you may either showcase your products, services, features, offers etc. or do marketing for your business or sell online or do all the tasks simultaneously. It too depends on the nature and size of your business and your goal. If you want to sell online, you may own a very good eCommerce site by spending approximately Rs. 2,000 monthly. If you want to add abundant dynamic marketing and advertising features to it, your monthly cost will not more than Rs 6000. At the expense of Rs 200 per day, you can upgrade your business for five times more profit..

Optimize Your Website

Having a website has no benefit, if your potential customers don’t know about your website. You don’t need to spend money and advertise offline about your website. You just need to ask your website service provider to keep your website optimized so that people can find your website automatically on the internet while searching for some products or services similar to those you offer or sale in your city. When people will find your website on Google or Facebook, they will visit it and can know about your business, products, services, prices, offers etc.  Then they will be interested in your business that will lead them to be your customer.

Optimization of websites need continuous effort and special skill and competency. Your service provider will charge on monthly basis, but the amount will less than the maintenance cost of your shop or office.

Advertise on the Internet

Post attractive banners on your website, linked Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, Google and on more online platforms. Advertise what you want to declare. Post as much as you wish. You are not going to spend much. Just spend few bugs towards circulating your posting and banners. People will gradually like, comment and share your banners, if you have adopted a right internet advertising strategy. You’ll gradually reach at more potential customers.

Do Digital Marketing

Prepare a clear goal oriented strategy for digital marketing. Ask an expert to train you in digital marketing. If you don’t have adequate time to look after marketing and advertising aspects of your business, ask an agency to do everything for you. Within few months of starting your marketing campaign, you’ll definitely get back the returns which will grow month by month.

Digital marketing comprises many different types of low cost marketing methods. Most prominent are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Content Marketing. Ask an expert to prepare strategy, budget and method. Start with a low budget, after getting desired result add more bugs gradually.

If you are interested in knowing details of digital marketing, click here to read a good article on the topic.

Website Design, Internet Advertising and Digital Marketing Services in Jamshedpur

The reasons behind why small and medium businesses in Jamshedpur are yet not adopted the digital way are many, but one is clearly visible. That is – the city lacks dedicated professional service provider in the field of website development, online advertising and digital marketing. Jamshedpur, the prominent city in the state, should have plenty of such service providers. But, measurably, there are drastically few and most of them lack vision and strategies to help other businesses to grow. Furthermore, just within few years, about a dozen of  such service providers closed their offices or sifted to some other fields. In fact, this specialized sector of service need dynamic and visionary establishment with strong orientation towards strategy, technology and creativity. Only having ability to build a website can’t help businesses to drive towards their goal. A business website should fulfill all business needs. Creating, designing, optimizing and advertising a website requires high level of professional skill and competency. Furthermore, digital marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Specialized skill and experience with strategic planning is the primary requirement for such assignments.

While you are choosing service provider for your website and digital marketing need, make prolonged discussion with the farm. Be aware of each aspect – type of service, features included, technical support, budgetary requirement, assured growth rate, return on investment etc. Ask the firm to provide a blue print on how they can help you in the growth of your business.

You May Choose BusinessKrafts

The primary objective of BusinessKrafts is to help start-ups and small and medium businesses to grow and go global. In this direction, the agency provides ranges of carefully chosen services those are most helpful for businesses in this digital era. You may hire BusinessKrafts for the following digital services in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Website Developing and Designing
  • Web Auditing
  • Web Security
  • Business Data Protection
  • E-Commerce Site Creation
  • Website Maintenance
  • E-Commerce Management
  • Digital Marketing and
  • Global Branding

Why to Choose BusinessKrafts

 It may be securely hosting your website or develop one for your business or doing marketing on behalf of you, you may choose BusinessKrafts for the following reasons.

BusinessKrafts –

  • gives priority on client’s real requirements, budgetary challenges and target;
  • always suggest less competitive and low cost mode for advertising and marketing;
  • charges less for products and services in comparison to other;
  • discusses details with the client regarding features, prices, additional benefit and strategies
  • provides tailor-made alternative plans against the regular packs;
  • offers heavy discount on big projects;
  • charges on slab base – more services, less prices;
  • takes all burden from the client’s shoulder;
  • does marketing after market research;
  • takes cares of each paisa spent by the client;
  • never promises beyond practically achievable;
  • provides 24X7 white level supports;
  • works with  large networks of international repute for technical support;
  • always visionary and up-to-date;
  • adopts a mix approach of strategy, technology and creativity; and
  • assures 100% money-back, if not satisfied.
  • top rated web host, online store and website designer, SEO expert, marketing consultancy and digital marketing company in Jamshedpur

How to Avail Services from BusinessKrafts?

Website Building:

We have many options for our clients. You may build your own website through our easy website builder tools. It doesn’t require any technical skill. Use our ready-to-use templates, drag-and-drop features and interactive tools. Connect a domain to your website and instantly go online. It’s easy and cost effective.

Alternatively, you may ask us to develop and design a tailor made high performing website with as much as features you need. Depending upon your demand, pricing will vary.

Digital Marketing:

For digital marketing services, you need to join an consultancy session of one hour. After complete discussion, if you’ll be satisfied with our proposal, you may offer us an assignments.

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  • Which services you offer?

    BusinessKrafts offers a number of B2B services that include digital marketing, marketing strategy development, marketing planning, market research as well as web design and development.

  • What are the digital marketing services that you offer?

    We offer complete digital marketing solution that includes digital strategy, social media marketing, search engine (Google) marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, video marketing, email marketing and mobile marketing

  • What are the processes of marketing you apply?

    Our marketing strategies go through a complete process of market research, strategy development, pilot project testing, implementation, review and revision.

  • How much you charge for marketing services?

    Our charges solely depend upon the time and manpower we invest in a project. However, our minimum charge for any project is 9,900. Higher will be charge if your project require high manhour investment

  • Do you have a rate card for digital marketing and other services?

    Yes, we have a rate card for digital marketing and other services that can help you in calculating your digital marketing cost. Please visit our Digital Marketing Packages section to know more.