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We've Highly Cost Effective 360 Degree Digital Marketing Solutions for You

We are the Digital Marketers in India, who provide the most cost effective, reliable, target oriented, audience specific, data concentric, wide reachable and measurable mode of marketing, advertising and branding solutions to businesses.

Our marketing solutions include complete research and planning, marketing strategy building, social media marketing, , affiliate marketing, email marketing, content marketing, online display advertising, YouTube video streaming, online marketing analytics, e-commerce marketing optimization, SEO and digital marketing training.

We provide complete 360 degree solutions to all your marketing needs.

We offer 90 days money-back guarantee in case we fail to deliver the result.

Our Top Six High Performing Digital Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is continuously in high demand due to its unique ability to drive better returns on investment (ROI). We, at BusinessKrafts, take utmost responsibilities in building most effective subscribers tool, preparing sure-shot mailer lists, executing efficient shout-out to persuade prospects to become your loyal customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the only performance based marketing approach that attract payment for the services only if the marketer can create a customer. Being the leading affiliate partner in the industry, we have been attracting many prominent companies toward our services. You can also choose us an affiliate partner for your brand.

Content Marketing

Content was, is and will be the king on the earth. The enormous strength of content marketing has been repeatedly admired by the marketing giants. This is also our biggest strength that we play for ourselves and equally for our clients. If you're not availing our content creativity and strategies, you're definitely missing something big.

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Why Digital Marketing is the First Option for Businesses?

While marketplace has become increasingly more digital and digital marketing strategies has proven to be most cost effective mode of reaching the targeted customers, no business can ignore such a powerful mode of marketing. It’s 20 times more powerful than the traditional marketing approaches at the cost of half. So why should you be lag behind? If you are ignoring digital marketing, unknowingly you are losing a lot and future will definitely not be yours. It’s the right time to get rid of limitations.

If you are already aware of the power of digital marketing or just completed reading our blog posts on the same, you’ll definitely love to go in the digital way. You may do it yourself with the help of a trained and experienced professional team or ask our team to take the burden from your shoulder. We would love to help your business. We have expert and dedicated professionals to solve out all the problems in your digital marketing strategies and as well execute the same. If you have not yet started to step in this most promising arena of marketing, we will help you in reaching your target market  at surprisingly low cost.

Know More about Our Digital Marketing Strategies

Know Why Should You Choose Us

Our Step by step processes of Digital Marketing strategy include:

  1. Primary observation of a present or up-coming business in terms of status, growth, competition, objectives, marketing need and future stand.
  2. Complete consultancy on what should be the next.
  3. Conducting research and data analysis to find out the real need for advertising, marketing, branding, sales funneling, quality improvement and online presence.
  4. Strategy building and complete planning;
  5. Execution –
    1. Building, designing and hosting website or improving and redesigning the existing website
    2. Staging, testing and optimizing the website
    3. SEO audit of the website
    4. Target setting, duration and budget planning and platform finalizing
    5. Keyword research, ad group creation, parameter setting and pre-testing
    6. Cost per Accusation (CPA) and Cost per Conversion (CPC) management
    7. Final execution
    8. Regular monitoring and evaluation
    9. Re-modelling, pause and re-marketing management
    10. Continuity and ROI acceleration

Believe It! You're Going to be the Next

Have we talked much about our services? May be! But you’re still impressed!!

This is what we do for our clients!!!

Successful marketing is nothing else except creating a strong first impression and carry on the impression till the end. Relationship with customers begins with just a cool meet and continues till you’re able to make him/her crazy for your products or services. It’s nothing wrong as far as you are not compromising with your customers’ expectation in many terms.

We just do it with our valued clients.

Just think about the reasons why you visited this webpage and why you have spent about half an hour in reading the content till far. It may be Google or Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, you definitely found us there with a very strong presence. You clicked the link and got landed on our website. You learned about our services and credibility. You got impressed.

This is what you actually need. You need strong presence, definitely at the top of the online channels where your customers can meet you. By your position on the right platform they will be interested in you. They will start visiting your website. They will start love you if they believe that you can meet their expectation. There are many opportunities to impress them, make them have faith with you. If they feel it comfortable to deal with you, they will gradually become your customers. You just need to be careful enough to meet their expectations. The next phase of the story with strong bondage will start.

We too hope strong bondage with you in order to help you getting the same from your customers.

There are many complexities in getting the right customer at right time for right value. We do it for ourselves while coolly seating in our offices. We do it for our clients while they’re busy with the tasks they love.